T-Pain’s Justin Timberlake Remix: “Can’t Believe It”


Probably just didn’t see it before, but this weekend in Philly DJs were positively losing their minds over the remix of T-Pain’s “Can’t Believe It,” featuring Justin Timberlake (well, in between playing like 5 Peedi Crakk songs in a row and riding for E Ness, ‘The Lockness Monsta’; is it just because I’m from Philly that I’m not even mad at this guy as a rapper?).

Anyway, in honor of what we’ll call Thr33 Ringz day, a link to the track, hosted by Vibe. It’s this weird pastoral thing: log cabins, river bays, Aspen, Wisconsin, Massachusetts. This is the well-satisfied grown-man techno-emo to the petulant 808s & Heartbreak teenage emo; this is the exhausted-but-contented robot to the otherwise merely sad robot. Fennessey says the album’s basically a “collection of curios and goofs”—pretty sure he means this in an altogether positive way—and this kind of left-field, bizarrely calm and peaceful love song certainly feels like it belongs somewhere else entirely.