Fetish-Indulging Lady Wrestlers Enliven Observer


The New York Observer brings the kink this morning with a story about the women of the Tempest Female Wrestling Club, who are paid to grapple with men in simulations of combat which, while not (apparently) ending in the Happy Smackdown, are nonetheless clearly fetish sessions (or as pseudo-brawler Maxine puts it, “wank material for years to come”). Clients — whom we assume had to content themselves with old GLOW videotapes heretofore — can wrestle straight-up or with extras (“We now offer oil wrestling!” says the site), get lifted and carried, watch catfights, etc.

It’s mentioned that Veronica Vicious of competing service Doom Maidens has “gained a measure of celebrity” from her YouTube videos. The Observer somehow neglects to post one, so we’ve obliged here. Whether as role model or wank material, the spunky Vicious will brighten your day.