Fork in the Road Gorges on Chaat


This fellow is holding a kind of sweet, not a chaat, but he is at Sukhadia’s, one of the best places to get chaat in Manhattan

This week, I went in search of the best chaat (spicy-crunchy-sour-sweet Indian snacks and street food) available in Manhattan.

Read the story for some thoughts on chaat from Tabla chef Floyd Cardoz, whose new street food cart, with its tasty but mild version of bhel puri, had me thinking about chaat all summer. I checked out all the new-ish restaurants and scruffy hole-in-the-walls where you can get some version of fried papri, chutneys, chaat masala and other goodies, all tossed together into a terrifyingly addictive snack. It turns out that midtown is fast becoming a chaat corridor. It’s not all as good as the chaat you get in Mumbai, but chaat is kind of like pizza—when it’s great it’s amazing, and when it’s not, it’s still good.