We’re thankful for a few things this holiday season: the election of Obama, the long-awaited dip of apartment-rental prices, and the return of Turkey Day With Pilgrim William. The first two need no further explanation, but for those of you who aren’t familiar with the third, Pilgrim William is an alter ego of Bradford Scobie, burlesque’s most committed seasonal artist (he is also known as Moisty, the New York City Snowman). This Thanksgiving, Pilgrim William celebrates the animals in the pen and the side dishes on the table, including a stripping chicken known as Miss Chickadee Cluck and an enchanted Potato Fairy, played by Julie Atlas Muz. Dirty Martini, Trixie Little, and Miss Saturn are among his other holiday helpers. What’s William thankful for this year? “The laughter of children, the silken hair of my beloved, the first bloom of spring, and that OJ Simpson is finally in the clink.”

Sat., Nov. 22, 11:30 p.m., 2008