When gods and goddesses get into a scrap, the consequences are rarely salutary. Earthquakes, thunderstorms, and famines often result—or a little to-do we like to call the Trojan War. So, when Athena and Aphrodite begin to argue over the attentions of a little girl named Hillary Diane Rodham in Wendy Weiner’s new play, Hillary: A Modern Greek Tragedy With a (Somewhat) Happy Ending, and Hillary prefers the goddess of wisdom to the goddess of love, we can assume the upshot won’t be pretty. (Aphrodite plots a bit of revenge, in the form of the dashing William Jefferson Clinton.) Weiner’s work offers an irreverent and potentially treasonous gloss on contemporary politics in this Greek tragedy–inspired comedy, produced by New Georges. Mia Barron stars as our junior senator.

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on November 12, 2008

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