Manhattan Rents Fall; Tiny Studio Now $1,750


Have you heard? Rents are going down in Manhattan! Here’s a wheezing broker’s video tour of a “sunny corner studio” at 73rd and Third. He walks us through the kitchen, which he describes as “really renovated” and “oversized” (two people might be able to stand comfortably in it; the stove looks an Easy-Bake Oven), the miniscule bathroom (the broker shows off the medicine cabinet because “it’s got an extra little extension there on it”), and the “living space” measuring 11 by 14 feet. Lots of light, though. Rent is $1,750 and it’s probably already taken.

Well, you could always apply for affordable housing in Brooklyn, but get there early: a Williamsburg place offering 113 such sub-grand units recently received 13,000 applications.