New Magazine Grins and Bears It


It’s a tough time for publishing–when CosmoGirl folded, my entire crayon-and-perfume-filled world exploded into smelly sawdust–but a new magazine is entering the landscape and it’s big and hairy! It’s BEAR, which officially caters to “iconic, masculine men in beautiful erotic photography.” Razor wielders and Clay Aiken impersonators need not apply!

Max Scott–who promotes those fun Woof! Monday nights at View Bar–is one of the folks behind this new venture, and he promises Bear won’t shit in the woods. Says Scott, “Amidst the flood of fine photography, there will also be some stimulating copy and articles. This is not a lifestyle magazine (ie: A Bear’s Life, Martha Stewart’s Living), but a showcase of masculine and iconic bear men.”

I bet Martha Stewart is somewhere thinking, “Phew! A bear magazine isn’t ripping off my format!”