Today’s “Oldster Beats Mugger” Story


Everyone loves it when an elderly vic turns the tables on a callow young thug. Today’s hero, Diogenes Angeles, doesn’t quite match the legendary 86-year-old Elisabeth Rubin — he’s only 57, though the Daily News tags him “Grandpa” — but his story has the advantage of a martial-arts angle: when three youngsters tried to jack him as he walked to a pharmacy in Morrisania, Angeles, who “studied karate when he was 14,” recalled his training and jabbed one attacker, throwing fear into them all. They fled, but were later picked up by cops. The News also has a lovely photo of one perp, who apparently favors loose-fitting jeans, being led down the precinct steps as his pants fall about his knees — figuratively spanked. Wait till his parents find out!