Bad Holiday News Now Extends to Black Friday


Health news vendors continue to explore the downside of the holidays, now including Black Friday, the shopping festival after Thanksgiving which troubled retailers are pushing harder than ever. The Specialty Sleep Association actually cautions you not to get up too early to grab morning Black Friday deals. “It is important not to disturb your circadian rhythm,” says SSA President Dale Read. And Black Friday’s a scam anyway, says the come-ons are bogus, you never get what you want, and the frenzy wastes more time than it’s worth.

We were tempted to skip the whole thing and just spend the holidays in Vegas, but a paper by Temple University’s Matt Wray tells us that Vegas visitors risk an increased chance of committing suicide. “Something about the place is toxic or ‘suicidogenic,'” Wray says. So now we’re considering a medically-induced coma; that seems to work out fine on weekends.