Bourgeois of the World, Relax


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February 2, 1961, Vol. VI, No. 15

Bourgeois of the World, Relax

If you are a middle-class type who has fled to the anonymous classlessness of the big city or a small town in the mid-West, you can relax now. The old propaganda of the 30’s about the Babbitt-habits of the bourgeoisie is dying out. A token of this trend is a recent publication by Elizabeth Wood, a Villager who has managed to find positive values in middleclassness.

For preservation of the city, she finds the middle class – dubbed “middle status” by her – an absolute necessity.

Miss Wood, poetry professor-turned-housing-expert, has just published a treatise entitled “The Balanced Neighborhood.” Released under the auspices of the Citizens Housing and Planning Council, her pamphlet makes the point that heterogeneity – economic, racial, and in terms of age – in urban neighborhoods is a good thing. She finds that the present-day project-approach to housing has produced one-class islands, and that it has been a disaster from the standpoint of social planning.

Miss Wood would have the planners offer the middle-status families with children (she emphasizes the latter) the necessities and amenities that will keep them in the city. the absence of this group in the post-war public housing projects has been “disastrous,” she says.

“It was the middle-status people living in public housing in a depression era who created the health committees, and all the other committees that burgeoned in the early days of public housing,” Miss Wood’s pamphlet states.

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