Jim Jones and Dame Dash Harness the Power of Words


While it doesn’t quite top the trembling hand of Jim Jones as he tenderly pays homage to fallen rapper Stack Bundles, the return of Dame Dash is a sublimely underrated side benefit to musical theater game-changer that is Hip-Hop Monologues: Inside the Life & Mind of Jim Jones. This Vulture interview with both men far tops what you might expect possible regarding the expressive possibility of human speech.

Dash’s dreams (“I don’t have a Tony, and I don’t have an Oscar. I need those things”), his hopes for his protégé Jones’s album (“I’m a make a bold statement and put it in the same league as Reasonable Doubt and The Chronic“), and above all his marketing brilliance (placing Jones “in the same room with the likes of an Anna Wintour”) are really their own performance art at this point. “I don’t know if it’s a coincidence,” says Dash, “but it seemed like the day I stopped doing music was the day the music business went down.” Never leave again guys.