Karl Rove Already Looking Forward to 2010


Obama won’t be President for two months yet, but Republicans are already planning to take back power, starting with the 2010 Congressional elections. In today’s Wall Street Journal, Bush political operative Karl Rove tells the faithful that “Obama’s victory may have been more personal than partisan or philosophical,” and that along with the traditional opposition in off-year elections, the GOP will benefit from “redistricting and reapportionment” after the 2010 census, which “could help tilt the playing field back to the GOP in Congress and the race for the White House.”

Conservatives are already paving the way by undermining Obama’s not-yet-Presidency. But first they have to reclaim the Republican Party, which apparently begins in picking fights with party moderates. “The country club has discredited itself,” declares Jerry Pournelle. “The efforts that built the Reagan revolution will work again.” Well, as long as it keeps them busy.