Nightlife Tidbits….


At Sunday night’s gay bash the Cuckoo Club, which has now taken residence at the Park, I got lots of attention, all of it positive except for one especially irritating douche nozzle. The guy made a big point of trying to amuse his friends by pointing at me and screaming “Look! It’s a B-list celebrity! A B-list celebrity!” I was too taken aback to realize I should have promptly pointed at HIM and shrieked, “Look! It’s a queer with a drug problem who can’t get laid! A queer with a drug problem who can’t get laid!” (Besides, I was kind of flattered to be called any kind of celebrity).

By the way, that bash will get some welcome competition come December 7, when party-throwing vets Kenny Kenny and Susanne Bartsch, along with hosts like Chuck Attix and Ladyfag, do a fab new weekly event at a club called Greenhouse on 150-Varick Street. The joy of it will be watching hairspray-wielding drag queens prancing around a place that prides itself on being ecologically sound!

All I know is that if the aforementioned screaming queen shows up, I’ll have him tossed out on his steroidal ass, since he’s bad for my environment!