Trump Weighs In on “Bottom-Heavy” WTC, Election, Etc.


Donald Trump reinserts himself into public affairs in an interview with NY1. He supported McCain for President but would have preferred Romney to Palin on the ticket because Romney “knows how to make money.” He said the Obama campaign “roughed up” Hillary Clinton, “perhaps brilliantly.” He likes Paterson and Bloomberg and believes “a term limit is when you go into a voter booth and if you don’t like somebody, you press a button,” which perhaps suggests a new reality TV series for the famous builder. He says the new WTC could be a “catastrophe” for New York, and building it when “office space is going begging in New York” will produce a “huge white elephant.” Neither does he approve the architecture, which he calls “bottom-heavy,” which as you can see is the opposite of his preference. Any billionaires who have thoughts on local and national events are encouraged to contact Runnin’ Scared for an interview.