Cop Board Quote of the Day


“Kudos to the bloggers!! They have exposed the fraud and deceit of the government and media. They are the ones who determined Dan Rather’s military records for GWB were fraudulent. Same goes for Obama’s birth certificate.” — midnightscum, Thee Rant, “If Talk Radio Falls we still have the bloggers for now.”

The Ranters are also more sympathetic to traffic cop nemesis Jimmy Justice than we expected, for reasons intramural (“as long as he goes after those two-bit, rat bastard AGENTS, I’m fine with it. I never liked those scvmbags”) and racist (“the [videos] that get the most play are the ones involving the self same ghetto buffalo women because of THEIR reaction to him. Who doesn’t love viewing the anger, resentment and sense of entitlement of some of these idiots wearing a near replica of our uniform? “)