Putting it diplomatically: No on Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State


Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State? She would make Condi Rice seem like Ben Franklin.

Even in the most charitable light, Hillary’s diplomatic skills are dim and dimmer. Never in her career has she built a consensus with her own hands or successfully worked out a major deal. She’s even left a host of former allies — like children’s advocate Marion Wright Edelman — disaffected and angry with her after they realized that she stood for nothing but herself.

Not that there’s anything wrong with a politician doing that. Except when you consider that politician as a diplomat.

Not every pol can be an international diplomat. George W. Bush himself is the prime example. And though some political operatives can do it, Bush’s handlers proved what a disaster that could be when they sent hardline polemicist John Bolton to the U.N. — one of the most ludicrous appointments in the history of U.S. diplomacy, because Bolton was an avowed foe of the very existence of the U.N.

Hillary is no polemicist. But she’s no diplomat.

She isn’t even a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Chuck Hegel is. So is Dick Lugar. Either of those serious, sober, centrist Republicans would be better choices for Obama, who himself was on the committee (as was Joe Biden).

The buzz about Obama’s possible selection of Hillary smacks of little more than backdoor campaigning by her own people.

We’re sorry that she’s bored with her job as New York’s junior senator. And we know that she’ll be mortified at having to continue being the state’s junior senator, because Chuck Schumer, the other N.Y. senator, is now one of the most powerful Democrats in D.C. — Chuck is chairman of the Joint Economic Committee and also controls the campaign treasure chest for fellow Democrats. Schumer won’t be relinquishing his power for at least the next four years, unless the GOP seizes control of the Senate in 2010.

Give it up, Hillary. Go back to the Senate and do some work. You’re a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Do us a favor. Try to beat some of our swords into ploughshares.

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