Reprieve for Doomed Custard Stand? Historian Seeks Cup Buddies


Last month we learned that the Frozen Cup, an apparently venerable frozen custard stand in Bellerose, would be torn down and replaced with a Days Inn. Now Queens Crap informs us that the fight for the Frozen Cup is not over! Bellerose Village Historian Alan Woodruff says that with your help, the stand “could be preserved in its present location, or maybe someone who would want to move it to another location.” He invites interested parties to join him in a group photo, which will be sent to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and to “share with me your memories and stories about the Frozen Cup for our historical archives.” It could be that Woodruff is just lonesome, but the motivations of any preservationist will be murky, and he is spreading the word. (Maybe we can do something similar for the Jefferson Market on Sixth Avenue. Believe it or not, bloggers get lonely, too.)