Spank Rock No Show at Wild Style Party


photo of no Spank Rock by Rebecca Smeyne

Pretty sure Sleep When Dead dude Joe Ahearn, son of Wild Style director Charlie Ahearn, who also co-signed last night’s show, isn’t to blame for this one, but it sucks all around. Last night, at the Danbro Studios Warehouse Wild Style throwdown, headliner Spank Rock didn’t show up–and it wasn’t announced until 1:30 that he wasn’t coming. From the inbox, “There were hundreds of people who paid 10 bucks for Spank Rock and waited around all night! Lame!”

Update: Apparently it was Charlie Ahearn himself who made the announcement and said something to the effect of, “I talked to Spank Rock earlier this evening and we were both excited for tonight, but only one of us showed up.” Boo Naeem.