Taylor Swift’s Empty Life Chills USA Today Readers


If you envy or admire the glamorous lives of big stars, this video ought to scare you straight. It details country singer Taylor Swift’s one-day trip to New York for GMA, MTV, Letterman and a Glamour event. Swift appears in a series of cramped interiors (green room, makeup room, limo), reads her horoscope (“How do they know that?”), talks to entourage and publicists and sounds dumb as a stump. She never seems to see the outside world, though she refers once to “walking across the street.” Andy Warhol couldn’t have drawn a more harrowing picture of vapid celebrity, yet it’s actually part of a “video diary” made by Swift for USA Today. Next time you’re disconsolately sighing over Shia LaBoeuf on the Tonight Show, imagine him making small talk with his publicist.