First Obama YouTube: Things Are Bad, but He Has Plans


The first of the announced series of YouTube addresses from the fanciful “Office of the President-Elect” has been released. Here’s a summary:

Bipartisan gesture: P-E Obama says “The leaders of the G-20 nations” have gathered in Washington and he’s “glad President Bush has initiated this process” because the global crisis “requires a global response.”

It’s bad, people: But P-E Obama says we must also “act immediately here at home.” There’s continued “volatility” in the market, and unemployment claims “rose to their highest levels since September 11, 2001.” The economy has “lost jobs for 10 straight months” (including many in the auto industry) and citizens “lie awake each night” wondering how they’ll cope. P-E reminds us it’s “the greatest economic challenge of our times.” Road will be “long” and “hard.”

Let’s do this thing: But P-E Obama “knows we can steer ourselves out of this crisis.” He is in fact “more hopeful than ever.” Wants Congress to “pass at least a down payment on a rescue plan.” We “cannot afford to delay providing help” to people who have run out of unemployment benefits and if Congress doesn’t do it, he will “make it my first order of business as President” (non-E).

Looking to the future: “Out of this economic crisis comes an opportunity” for growth in the 21st Century. We’ll be “putting two million Americans to work” rebuilding “crumbling” infrastructure; “investing $150 billion” in a “new green energy economy” and freeing America from “the tyranny of foreign oil”; making health care “affordable” while “reducing costs for small businesses”; and giving all children “world class education.”

Everybody “pitch in”: This will require not only “new policies” but a “new spirit of service and sacrifice” in which we will “look out for not only ourselves each other.” Not just Wall Street but Main Street also must thrive. “We rise and fall as one nation, one people.”

Overall: The P-E wants us to know he’s walking into a shitstorm and he’s going to pull some ambitious moves and large expenditures to unfuck the economy. So we better be clear that he wasn’t kidding about all that solidarity and sharing.