Coincidences Department: Prince, Gay, Prop 8


The weird racial subtext of the passing of Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in California and led some frustrated writers—Dan Savage, first and foremost, though he’s now done with this particular culture war—to point out the (debatable) role played by pro-Obama, anti-gay African American voters in California in getting the law passed, takes on even more exaggerated proportions today as Atlantic politcal blogger Andrew Sullivan connects this week’s New Yorker revelation that Prince is a homophobe to the “seething homophobia in much of black America.”

Specifically, apparently, “Prop 8 has helped unearth” black gay hatred. Whatever. But the idea that Prince’s views—which, after all, have included changing his name to an unpronounceable symbol, suing YouTube, etc etc— can be held as indicative of anything besides the dangerous madness of men who’ve been absurdly famous, serviced, and sated for too long is ridiculous. Although I do sort of applaud it as the wackiest spin in the daily blog-fuck competition to take on news as internet-ubiquitous as this revelation was. Also entertaining: calling Prince a “dandy, feminized midget.” But seriously dude?