Passing of TRL Unaccountably Mourned


MTV’s “Total Request Live” is going off the air, and the Times behaves as if this were not cause for rejoicing, wistfully recalling the marketing gimmick’s debut in 1998, “just as the teen pop phenomenon was about to explode,” and tolerating reminiscences from Kid Rock, Sean Combs, 50 Cent, and other living nightmares whose careers TRL helped foist upon a stupefied public. The Times also opened a “Share Your Memories” board at 10 p.m. last night, which at this writing has five comments; the first begins, “I hated that show and I am so glad it is gone.”

NYU Local’s Joe Coscarelli laments that neither his parents nor his little sister can comprehend his sorrow at the passing of “Buzzworthy videos and screaming throngs in Times Square,” and sighs for the days when “we all coexisted — Blink 182 mall punks and Backstreet Boys chubby girls alike.” We like to imagine him telling his children this in 2020, and them being perplexed, because all the kids then will totally be into ring shouts.