Another Free iTunes Single of the Week: Dark Captain Light Captain’s “Jealous Enemies”


Last week’s prediction: Beyonce Jr.

Scotland, Montreal, Ireland, and now, with Dark Captain Light Captain, London. The suspicion grows: Is there some message hidden in the iTunes free single selection process, a secret map of the path of the global financial crisis, or perhaps the itinerary for the million-dollar vacation Steve Jobs may or may not be on right now?

Truth be told, DCLC’s “Jealous Enemies” is what I imagined the iTunes free singles to be before I listened to them regularly: inoffensive, reminiscent of several other bands (Fleet Foxes, Iron and Wine, some band called Tunng that the British press cites), a kind of rorschach of mild falsetto and twittering electric guitars. I’m pretty sure this song is in 4/4.

The normally credulous iTunes commentariat find themselves ambivalent. Says my man ZacAttack_Y2K: “Let’s get some more upbeat, on the road to super-stardom type of hits. Click YES if you agree.” You got it bro…

Next week’s prediction: Upbeat, on the road to super-stardom