Coney Ideas include Nudie Bar, Hole to China


Yesterday’s “Imagine Coney” conference at BAM heard a lot of suggestions in the whiteboard session, including a “Nudie Bar” (“remember when adults were allowed to have adult fun?”), “Dig Hole to China,” and “Interspecies Friendship.” The sponsors, the Municipal Arts Society and the Center for an Urban Future, have some pretty fanciful ideas of their own, including “an extraordinary new cable-car ride that would float through clouds,” a giant retractable roof, and “digital skin signage” (“One day it looks like Venice,” the designer told Atlantic Yards Report. “The next day, it looks like Marrakech.”) AYR also heard that the brainstormers proposed to pay for the renovations with naming rights and sponsorships.

We summarized some earlier, depressing Coney ideas from the Center for an Urban Future here. Yesterday’s suggestions were certainly preferable, and we hope against hope that we get some of them instead of the more likely giant, ugly, and eventually abandoned condominiums