Does the Wonky Jack White/Alicia Keys Bond Theme Sound Any Better in Context?


So the new James Bond flick both sucks and is wildly successful (no correlation, of course). Go see Role Models instead, I beg you. But here’s the real question: Does theme song “Another Way to Die,” the bizarre Jack White/Alicia Keys duet, sound any less disjointed and ridiculous in the flick itself, superimposed over the usual oooh-it’s-a-desert-oooh-now-it’s-a-giant-naked-chick opening-credits fiasco?

No. No it does not. Which may explain why splendid New York magazine critic David Edelstein took time out from pissing on the flick to pissing on the theme specifically:

The movie opens with a car chase that’s also a hash, but nowhere near as ghastly as the theme song that follows, an anti-fusion of Jack White’s caterwauls and Alicia Keys’s breathy soul stylings called “Another Way to Die.” Worst Bond theme ever? Let’s just say Madonna is now off the hook for “Die Another Day.”

You leave Madonna alone, Dave. Meanwhile, if you require positivity, our dear friends at the Houston Press pontificate on the five best Bond themes. Good call on Duran Duran.