Live: Adam Green and Lissy Trullie Cover Biz Markie at Santos


Adam Green and Lissy Trullie
Santos Party House
November 18

“We can just do ‘Kokomo,’ man,” said ex-Moldy Peach Adam Green, right at the end of his act at Santos Party House late last night. With that, he discarded his guitar, informed the crowd that they were “barbarians,” and flung himself into the audience, buoyed by hipster hands, singing Mike Love’s dubious lyrics—”pretty mama”s, “tropical contact high”s and all.

Minutes earlier, NYC fashion rocker Lissy Trullie had finished her performance before returning, sans backing band, with Green for a ramshackle run at Biz Markie’s “Just A Friend.” Trullie, characteristically flat-voiced, clutched onto her mic like it was keeping her upright, while Green, strumming an acoustic guitar and wearing nothing but an unzipped leather jacket over his upper torso, smeared the Biz’s romantic woes with his smarmy baritone.

Then things got genuinely weird. A sloppy solo acoustic run-through of Green’s “Jessica,” a goofball homage to Tony Romo’s girlfriend, was passable. The Moldiest Peach, clearly unhinged without Kimya by his side, asked the crowd to move in closer, then flung himself upon the first few rows; he made it about halfway, but lost momentum after being passed back to the stage. By the time, though, the artist had moved on, serenading select audience members with improvised “Birthday Mambos.” The crowd was split evenly between smilers and groaners, while the venue staff members by the soundbooth were audibly yelling for Green to conclude his “set.” He paid them no mind, picked up his acoustic and attempted another original—soon to be aborted—over the crowd noise.—Greg Burgett