Lousier Subways Predicted; Panic Ensues


Today’s Daily News story about the slower, more crowded trains we can expect from the MTA with the next budget — thanks to the end of 1,500 jobs and the Z and W line, and trims to G and M service — has rattled some blogging commuters. The Subway Blogger blames city-hating Albany: “people living in Utica, NY could give a crap if the subway runs on time,” he says. “Mark my words, major shit is about to go down.”

Mobilizing the Region says Marty Markowitz and Scott Stringer will be hitting subway stations at rush hour Wednesday with giant protest postcards for straphangers to sign.

Second Avenue Sagas finds a hole in the News‘ story: “The Daily News reports that B service on the weekends should slow down,” SAS says, but “savvy straphangers know that the B doesn’t run on the weekends.”

Respondents at Rhythmism argued about MTA fooling with its budgets, which is either “budgeting and forecasting” or “lying.” Bridge and Tunnel Club isn’t looking forward to “waiting a half-hour in the middle of the night” for trains to Astoria.

History Eraser Button reasons that the Z is a skip-stop train, so “A lot of New Yorkers have never even seen a Z train. Kill it.” The W is “more complicated” and suggests ways other trains could pick up the slack. Conclusion: “The state will cough up a few more bucks, the MTA will raise fares, and the cuts will hit other things that still hurt the quality of the subway experience but that don’t sound so drastic.”