IFC Series Rips Local Atlantic Yards Coverage


IFC’s Media Project series announces that Episode 4 will take on, among other things, the lousy local coverage of the Atlantic Yards boondoggle. While the topic gets plenty of attention at Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn, No Land Grab, Atlantic Yards Report and such places, the “three major daily papers” in New York, says the Media Project, “have barely scratched the surface.”

DDDB has a laugh at the Times‘ expense, and No Land Grab underlines the point by linking a Daily News sports blog that pounces on the outrageously low price at which Bruce Ratner is getting the Vanderbilt Rail Yards from the massively underfunded MTA. “The fact that it’s the sports desk at the Daily News, on their blog, no less,” says NLG, “that has to make this point is exactly why the Independent Film Channel is airing that December 9th segment.”

The New York Observer comments that “the film’s take on print journalism’s Atlantic Yards coverage seems less than laudatory.”