Justice Accused of Failing to Plug in the Instruments They’re Pretending to Play


Taking the “Unplugged” phenomenon in an entirely new direction.

We can all agree, at the onset, that the photo above, provided by the good people at, is funny. The world’s insatiable appetite for photos of lanky Frenchmen in jean jackets making Intense and/or Stoned Rock Faces rages on, unabated. The folks would just like to point out that the left-hand Intense and/or Stoned Rock Face dude’s MIDI controller is not plugged in.

Whether this indicates a simple accident or widespread consumer fraud a la Ashlee Simpson or Milli Vanilli is beside the point, maybe: Folks go to Daft Punk shows for the visuals and whatnot, and are unlikely to feel cheated by the revelation that’s it more Memorex than live, as it were. Whether lanky Frenchmen in jean jackets are accorded the same respect is debatable. Such are the dilemmas of my generation. Just be sure to respect motherfucking craft when you hear it.