Moby’s Drinking Tips: Veganism, a Break Every 15 Years


The best part of Moby’s Black Book interview is the drinking advice. Moby cheerfully admits to having been a “hardcore alcoholic” who still swears that “if there were no consequences to drinking, I would drink all the time.” Currently he’s on a drinking hiatus — his first in 15 years — but what really helps him through hangovers and liver damage is veganism. He went vegan because he loves animals, but now finds it also helps with ascites and gin blossoms. “Normally friends of mine, when they wake up and they’re hungover, they go out and have bacon and eggs and smoke cigarettes,” says Moby. “When I wake up, I have a smoothie and vegan burritos.” He looks pretty good and he’s what, fifty years old, so maybe we’ll try it. Bonus: he doesn’t talk much about music.