Oddo, Barron Have “Shouting Match” in Council Session


Weird little item in the Post today about a “shouting match” between obstreperous councilmembers Charles Barron and James Oddo. Pieced together from that account and the Staten Island Advance‘s, it seems Barron was working a bill to keep abortion clinic patients from being hassled, and Oddo said “I am somewhat amused by my good friend Charles Barron accepting a curtailment on free speech,” and Barron said, “For you to be confused on that is interesting, probably some hidden views on this issue, period” (Oddo is very anti-abortion). Then voices were raised: “Don’t imply something, that I have a hidden agenda here!” said Oddo. “Don’t imply I’m impinging on First Amendment rights!” said Barron, etc.

It’s no There Will Be Blood, but pretty good for the Council. And Oddo’s capable of much more, vitriol-wise, as this infamous video from an attempted Borat escapade in his office shows.