This Week’s Voice: The Killers, Disco Inferno, Toni Morrison’s A Mercy, Terry Winters, and More


In this week’s Village Voice Music Section, Rob Harvilla goes prancing in the dark with the Killers: “So now comes Day & Age, a luxurious, hedonistic epic produced by Stuart Price—he of Madonna’s Confessions on a Dance Floor (i.e. her last good record), plus a fantastic disco-fied remix of early Killers smash “Mr. Brightside”—that boasts the same alluring contradiction: It sounds like approximately $10 million (it’s basically Bottle Service: The Album, and just in time!) but attempts to rhapsodize the downtrodden and penniless.”

Andy Beta charts the DJs, labels, and edits fueling a kind of Disco Inferno 2.0.

Buzz Poole drops in to Zebulon, an adventurous Brooklyn club that’s getting bigger, better, and weirder simultaneously.

Garrett Kamps enjoys some shitfaced nights and blowjob queens with Nickelback.

Plus reviews of Taylor Swift’s Fearless, The Mountain Goats’s two new EPs, and Love Is All’s A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night.

In Books, Lenora Todaro reviews Toni Morrison’s A Mercy, while Tony Rettman previews SST partner Joe Carducci’s upcoming talk at Spoonbill & Sugartown.

In Film, J. Hoberman wraps up the boomer era with Harvard Beats Yale 29-29, and flashes back to wartime Indochina with Ellen Kuras’s The Betrayal (Nerakhoon).

Ella Taylor actually sort of likes Disney’s Bolt.

Hazel-Dawn Dumpert celebrates the centenary of Hollywood’s grande dame of ditz, Carole Lombard, at Film Forum.

In Art, R.C. Baker deems Terry Winters’s new show at Matthew Marks a classic.

In Theater, Michael Feingold takes in Billy Elliot and Saturn Returns, while Alexis Soloski sees Bury the Dead and Farragut North. Not to mention Angela Ashman at the Yojo Shakespeare play Shogun Macbeth!

Plus La Dolce Musto on a certain Oscar nominee, Lynn Yaeger on H&M and Comme des Garcons, and more…