Bike Battles Continue: Are Cyclists Scofflaws, or Just Underserved?


The self-explanatory “Study Finds Cyclists Disobey Traffic Laws” story in yesterday’s Times drew a predictably snide reaction from Queens Crap, which has endorsed forced licensing of cyclists: “You’re supposed to stop at a red light even if you’re in a bike lane, pal.”

Streetsblog, however, says that “cyclist error” makes less of a difference in safety than the development of more bike-friendly lanes: “Rates of traffic violations among cyclists are symptomatic of a system designed mainly to accommodate cars. In other words, cyclists follow the rules more when they feel safe.”

A Transportation Alternatives spokesman tells Odwet that the decline in accidents that followed the installation of a bike lane in Chelsea shows that “this isn’t just about personal behavior, this is about streets that are dangerous and not serving all the people who use them.”

Cyclists interested in raising their public profile can sign an online petition asking Google Maps to add a “Bike There” feature to its driving and public transit routing options.