Curtis Sliwa: 70s New York “Like Dawn of the Dead”


As we’ve said before, it’s SOP for local blowhards to describe 70s New York as irredeemably bad. Guardian Angel chief Curtis Sliwa, as usual, takes things farther than most. In today’s installment of the amNY city-crisis series, Sliwa says the city in the 70s “was like dawn of the dead. It was like zombies roaming around, dope fiends, drug dealers… vulturizing the city… when the sun went down the thugs ruled everything on the ground… You felt like you were wearing pork chop pants going into a cage of Doberman pitchers [sic].”

This sounds more like Escape from New York than the waking reality we experienced back then. But Sliwa has a unique perspective on the present-day subways, too: he says they’re “just a moving caravan of people trying to shake you down for money.” One wonders why Sliwa doesn’t return to the tunnels and dispense rough justice to the mariachi bands and amateur gymnasts.