More Holiday Gloom from College Press Releases


The University of Alabama is really bringing us down today. First they sent us a release headlined “Thanksgiving Could be Worst Travel Day of the Year,” and then we got “Merry Christmas on a Shoestring” from assistant professor of consumer sciences Jan Brakefield, which includes such spirit-crushers as “Write the size of your total consumer debt at the top of your shopping list. Reality check!” “Don’t buy anything for yourself!” and “Get agreements from family members” on how much you’re going to spend.

Today’s release headline that really requires no further explanation: “Anti Same-sex Marriage Amendments Spark Psychological Distress Among GLBT Adults and Their Families” (American Psychological Association).

Today’s release headline that requires further explanation, but you’ll be sorry you asked: “‘Do Not Disturb’ Signs Aren’t Just for Newlyweds Anymore,” which gives Kansas State University gerontologists’ thoughts on how “to give nursing home residents some privacy for sexual expression.”