Shocker: Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn Not Totally Maybe Getting Along


Reese Witherspoon has denied rumors that she and Vince Vaughn didn’t hit it off on the set of Four Christmases, an upcoming movie in which the two actors play a married couple who plan to spend the holiday with all four of their divorced parents. If Witherspoon wants us to believe these denials, however, she needs to rehearse her delivery. Asked about her jocular co-star on HBO’s “First Look” featurette, Witherspoon says, with a tight smile worthy of Tracy Flick, that “Vince is just a force of nature and so you just react.” Witherspoon hesitates, then expands on this point, muttering something about how “hopefully” it works, though of course it’s hard to catch exactly what she says since the fast editing abruptly, and conveniently, cuts her off.

All of which suggests, as one local gossip columnist put it, that the “tension between the stars is even more entertaining than the script of [this] romantic comedy.” People who despise each other pretending otherwise for the sake of a family dinner? Sounds like an authentic Yuletide to me.—Benjamin Strong