Binghamton Babs Corcoran: Now’s a Great Time to Buy!


As part of its fear-of-the-70s series, amNY interviews real estate vampire Barbara Corcoran. Understandably she loathes the 70s — “no one wanted to live in Manhattan” then, she says. But then came Trump Tower, “the clear bellwether change,” and we all lived happily, glamorously and expensively ever after — and will continue to, she insists: “I’m not worried about real estate prices at all… Real estate will be more expensive once again, and everyone will look back and say, ‘Why didn’t I buy then?’” Of course, when she talks to national audiences about real estate Corcoran touts a different New York city — Binghamton (“it’s all about business”). It’s an easy commute if you have your own jet, and if you don’t, why is she even talking to you? Binghamton — it’s the new Red Hook!