Photos: “Adidas Originals House Party” with Adrian Grenier, Phenomenal Handclap Band


“I was in Williamsburg before Williamsburg was Williamsburg”

An external of the warehouse

Adidas Originals House Party
Phenomenal Handclap Band
Thursday, November 20
photos by Rebecca Smeyne

Adrian Grenier–Mr. “I was in Williamsburg before Williamsburg was Williamsburg“– was in Williamsburg (North 10th and Wythe, specifically) last night (after Williamsburg was Williamsburg) for the “Adidas Originals House Party.” It was the brand’s 60th anniversary, and as our photog reports back, ” and the entire front of a warehouse building was draped with a print of a giant cartoon house.Inside there were two levels, both big open spaces, with set-like rooms and vintage furnishings–a kitchen, living room, dining rooms, with free fried chicken, mac n’ cheese, pizza, beer and champagne all night, and it never ran out–and no lines!” Also, the Phenomenal Handclap Band played and Touch of Class DJ’d. Booze, videogames, sneakers: industries that will remain unscathed by this uglier-by-the-minute recession.


Touch of Class