Poll: Bloomberg Loses Nine Points in Popularity


Right-thinking New Yorkers, who understand the need for continuous billionaire leadership, will focus on the fact that a new Marist poll shows Michael Bloomberg with a 59 percent approval rating — and not on the fact that his rating was 68 percent in the same poll last month. So what’s a nine-point drop? The Mayor has popularity as well as money to burn!

Also: by a thin margin, poll respondents (all registered voters, we might add) now think the city’s going in the wrong direction (47-45). By a fat margin, they think the term limits overthrow was a bad idea (43-30).

But Bloomberg still has big leads over prospective Democratic opponents — Anthony Weiner comes closest with a lousy 37 percent. And what could possibly go wrong in a year? The only polls that count are the ones the Mayor will spend millions to win. So let’s have no more of this nonsense; like salt, opinion polls are bad for your blood pressure.