Spank Rock Wild Style No Show Theory: “Charity Rate” Not Worth Getting Out of Bed?


Sound of the City roots for the home team and so does Impose Magazine‘s Jeremy Krinsley

Amazing Baby, “Pump Your Brakes”

I saw this first as an advertisement on subway walls, and it is probably the last format in which I will see it, but Elvis Costello has a show, and he’s now announcing his prestigious guest list.

Amazing Baby are following the trail MGMT took to indie stardom—certainly helps that guitarist Simon O’Connor was reportedly in an old “porn-rock” Wesleyan band called Misogynistic Pineapple with Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT. (I will not say MGMT band neccessarily blazed anything besides the interior of a few tour vans). That said, they’re on Vampire Weekend’s brutal six-month buzz regimen to get there. They recorded a video a few blocks from the Voice office last week, and they also hung out with our camera after a long night of polaroids and Xanax.

Speaking of the Vampire Weekend. They played the Woodies with fellow Columbia alum Dave P from Chromeo. That said, this coming weekend will belong to a different vampire, at least within the vital 13-16-year-old-girl demographic.

Speaking of Paul Simon. Earlier in the year, the progenitor of white dudes diggin’ Afro pop attempted to prove he was still alive and relevant by enlisting everyone but Vampire Weekend for a series of shows at BAM. In my opinion, his efforts this week were much more effective in reaching that vital 18-28 year old dude-with-bong demographic when he allowed himself to be the butt of one of those feuds-with-lefty Stephen Colbert loves to cook up.

The party to celebrate the screening of classic docu-flick Wild Style at Film Forum went down, sans headliner Spank Rock. A strong theory is floated to explain the no-show.

Someone French (i.e. Les Inrockuptibles) leaked a new Animal Collective song called “Brother Sport” but apparently it has been sucked back into the internet ethers, not to be seen until a full leak meltdown sometime in December.

ODB’s mom speaks out after all these years.

The BBC announces that LCD Soundsystem broke up, and are soundly reminded that LCD Soundsystem breaking up would be tantamount to splitting James Murphy in half. Is this the same thing as the Guardian shouting about Clinton accepting the Secretary of State post? Yes, I think it has something to do with inflammatory headlines.

In the world of mainstream: 50 Cent explains that Before I Self Destruct is continuously delayed so as to free up space to release more singles, not because he’s avoiding getting his ass handed to him by Kanye for a second round. Also, he can bench 410 lbs. How many can you bench, Weezy? Strength might not be the best strategy, anyway. Beyonce went the alter ego route this week to outfox any would-be competitors. And, in the case of those, like Jay-Z, who have no serious rivals (Kanye assures us nothing’s simmering there): take a light-hearted dump on your mentor and watch him threaten a diss record from a mildewy basement studio.

In a recent Wire, Liquid Liquid’s Richard McGuire said the band’s “not really interested in playing package tours and festivals,” implying as such that he’d rather not jump on the Bloody Portishead bandwagon. To that end, the band played Santos’ Party House.

Jeezy on NPR.

Brooklyn Academy, with a video.

Moby and Tony Conrad helped raise money for Issue Project Room.