Week in Review: A Collection of Preposterously Foxy Debbie Harry Photos


In the week we learned the true value of five throbbing monster cocks in the same Christie’s lot, we restrained ourselves from buying anything at all from bad art salesman Judah Friedlander. Even a sandwich.

Amazing Baby’s Will Roan apparently sleeps on his own couch, but at least he gets out of bed. Harmony Korine is about to have his own amazing baby, who is probably not going to be named Sleepy. Drew Daniel, meanwhile, is thinking about conducting a séance.

Barack Obama may have a surprising amount of things to learn from the president of Americathon. As does Duff McKagan, from the no-less-relevant Krist Novoselic. Jeezy should maybe think about learning from himself.

Adam Green and Lissy Trullie covered Biz Markie at Santos; Liquid Liquid, a few nights later, settled for covering themselves. Kanye’s cover art was great until KAWS came along.

Plus, bare breasts and Bones at Richard Prince’s Gagosian show, Richard Gehr’s Pulp Fictions and Sita and Werner Herzog sing the blues at MoMA, and Everett True goes East, which is also around where we’re headed, right about…now.