What Decrepit Brooklyn Nabe Gets (In Dreams) This Gleaming Waterfront Park?


One of the bright sides of a collapsing economy is that developers — who normally treat us peons like, well, peons — are getting their asses kicked. Forest City Enterprises, the home office of Atlantic Yards villain Bruce Ratner, has lost 93 percent of its share value this year. Brooklynites are even starting to reach across neighborhoods to hassle builders. Up your ass like a war of class, richies!

So we’re looking at plans like the above-rendered with less sputtering rage than usual. Go ahead, take a guess where this is supposed to be. Gowanus Lounge and Curbed already know: Greenpoint. Yes, that god-forsaken hellhole we call home is, if Ismael Leyva has anything to say about, going to get a 40-story residential tower and a “waterfront esplanade.” Ha ha! You and what nationalized bank? In the immortal words of Frankenstein’s monster, we belong dead.