Why Have Movies Lost Touch With Technology?


I want an answer, people! Why is there such a huge disconnect between the way people really exchange information and the manner in which Hollywood portrays that? In reality, everyone’s texting their asses off, with an occasional stop for some emailing and even an actual cell phone call once in a while. But in the movies, characters still have long face-to-face talks! They sit and engage in lengthy conversations on land phones! And they never text or even seem to have Blackberries or I-phones!

I understand that watching someone text on screen could be a stupefying ordeal for an audience. (Lord knows it’s unspeakably boring whenever I have to sit and look at a friend doing it.) But still, movies need to summon a lot more topicality in showing how modern people reach out to each other or they will become as obsolete as fax machines. Who do I text about this?