Zogby Poll Says Internet, Fox “Most Trusted”; Hoax Suspected


Zogby recently did a push-poll to prove that Obama voters are stupid — now they have a new poll apparently meant to show that everyone is. The pollster’s latest survey shows the internet is America’s “most trusted news medium,” and Fox News is America’s “most trusted TV news source.” It’s rather a Pyrrhic victory, though, as “the majority of Americans seem to also have little faith in the media at all,” and the New York Times is their “most trusted newspaper.”

It’s all pretty weird, and when we read that “Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Stephen Colbert and Chris Matthews were the least trusted personalities” in the survey, we began to get that April 1 feeling. As this is the internet, though, and we endeavor to be as blindly reactive (if not as successful) as our competition, we’re going to throw it up there and see if it sticks. Let our sources take the heat! That blogger ethics panel is a long way from convening.