Did I Happen to Mention I Saw Rock of Ages?


So a couple months ago some jerkoff dragged me to an early unveiling of Rock of Ages, the new Off-Broadway jukebox-hero musical that mines the butt-rock salad days of Journey, Poison, Twisted Sister, Pat Benatar, etc. (Really sorry about “butt-rock salad days,” but this show is pretty low-brow.)

Above please enjoy the cast’s charming version of Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again,” as delivered to a dumbstruck Conan O’Brien audience. The clip sums it up pretty well: incredibly corny (the fake-Jack-Black guy is hard to deal with), frequently dire in terms of singing ability, but nonetheless a not-disagreeable fount of dumb dumb dumb fun. And yes, that’s Constantine Maroulis, American Idol reject and improbable Voice cover boy. He, like the show, is surprisingly not terrible. It ain’t Shakespeare, but I bet Billy Elliot doesn’t have a sex scene in a seedy nightclub bathroom stall set to “I Wanna Know What Love Is.”