Gioia: Put Jumbotrons in Parks for Obama Inauguration


If we are to be short of bread, let us at least have video circuses: councilmember Eric Gioia has asked Mayor Bloomberg to “erect large, jumbotron-style video screens in City Hall Park, Central Park, or wherever feasible” so that New Yorkers can stand around in the cold and watch Obama get sworn in on January 20. He says the big TVs would be financed by private donations, presumably involving compensatory signage (“Pampers: Change You Can Believe In”).

Gioia’s office says this would be “in the tradition of New Yorkers celebrating historic achievements together like the end of World War II, the moon landings, and countless sports titles,” though we don’t recall watching any of these on Jumbotrons, except perhaps as part of a patriotic montage at the Super Bowl. Speaking of the Super Bowl, could we leave the TVs up after the Inauguration so we could watch that, too? And let us have open containers (and tapped kegs) in Central Park, or wherever feasible, just for that one day. We know Bloomberg’s cool with public drinking.