Our New Favorite Chocolate Bar


I get a lot of lovely and unlovely edibles in the mail, but I don’t often write about them. Today, though, I got my daily afternoon sugar craving and dug this chocolate specimen from Chuao out of my desk drawer.

It’s called the Firecracker, and it features chipotle, salt and pop rocks. Seriously, people, this is amazing. You bite into a piece and it goes crunch, because of the sea salt and pop rocks. Then you taste 60-percent cacao dark chocolate, and then the formidable chipotle burn and the saltiness creep in, and finally the pop rocks start to explode and tingle, spraying delicious salty chocolate all over your tongue. It’s bitter, sweet, hot and salty, all in balance, with the added bonus of pop rocks. Who doesn’t like pop rocks?

To buy online, go here. You can get the Firecracker in smaller squares, too, which would be fun to set out at a party.