Photos: Crystal Stilts at Less Artists More Condos


Crystal Stilts
Less Artists, More Condos
Friday, November 21
photos by Rebecca Smeyne

Take it away, Smeyne: “The Less Artists More Condos entrance is an unmarked door in the middle of nightmarish Village music club territory, which if you haven’t had the pleasure of passing through on a weekend night, is a couple of East-West blocks below Washington Square Park that are positively glutted with guys in button-up shirts, jeans, loafers and their makeup-heavy dates (the types who claim to be “just social smokers.”)

Crystal Stilts didn’t play until midnight. The guy in the yellow cardigan holding the mike did some drunk freestyle comedy that was awkward for everyone. After the show, in the living room, a resident climbed up on a loft and announced with a teenage-wasteland affect, ‘Thanks for coming. I’m gonna let my dog out now. He’s really fun.'”