Rightwing Calendar Girls at ABC News an Obvious Liberal Plot


We don’t understand this “Conservative Ladies Pretty in Mink” slideshow of Ann Coulter, Mary Katherine Ham, and other winger chicks glammed out at ABC News. We can see why the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute created the original calendar — true believers love hearkening-back to when, in the Institute’s words, “women were a little more feminine, the men a little more charming — and the world a little less politically correct”; we’re just surprised they didn’t show the ladies beating vagrants to death with pearl-handled canes. But for general audiences, rightwingers in luxury furs are like liberals dressed as hippies — a living negative stereotype. Maybe that was the liberal media outlet’s dastardly plan all along. Curse their evil genius! We still prefer Michelle Malkin (pictured) as a cheerleader, though only with the sound off.