Skelos Calls His Own Damn Session


For an alleged lame duck, state senate majority leader Dean Skelos is acting pretty spry. Having frustrated Governor Paterson’s special legislative session to further cut state spending last week, Skelos has called for his own special session to address spending on December 15 — which, the Albany Times-Union points out, is the day before Paterson will release his state budget.

Skelos’ reign as leader seemed doomed when the election returned a Democratic majority to the state senate, but the shenanigans of three dissident Democrat senators have kept his hopes, and his power, alive.

In a statement, Skelos called the Governor’s budget proposals of last week “unacceptable to both the Assembly and Senate,” and announced that “while the Governor is apparently taking steps administratively to help close the [budget] gap, there are other actions that can be taken to further those efforts.”

The statement also promised the senate “will pass legislation to help stimulate the State’s economy and create jobs, particularly Upstate,” and called for cooperation from the assembly, run by speaker Sheldon Silver, to “allow us to move forward.” (h/t NY Observer)